Colleagues and clients

World Tree publicationsThis is not a comprehensive list, but many of our main clients and closest associates are included here.

Curran Publishing
Copyediting and proofing on numerous publications, mostly academic or related to development studies. Major editing contributions to UNESCO's Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems.

East Anglian
The leading archaeological monograph series dealing with the east of England. We've edited, typeset and refereed more EAAs than we care to remember! Major productions include Volumes 103 (Wardy Hill Iron Age fort, Cambridgeshire), 107 (Archaeology of Stansted Airport) and 132 (Excavations at Norwich Castle 1989–91). Trevor is also principal author of EAA 90 (Norwich Southern Bypass) and has contributed to several others.

Lieta Marziali Contemporary
Website design and maintenance for this exciting and unusual jeweller.

NEAD (Norfolk Education & Action for Development) –
Editing, graphic design, involvement with all aspects of publications and with the membership too – we learned a lot!

Norfolk Archaeological
We have worked with the Trust for many years on interpretation and display projects, including at their properties at Burgh Castle and Fiddler's Hill. We also designed and created their website.

Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological
Founded in 1846 and still going strong. Trevor co-edited their journal Norfolk Archaeology from 1996–2006, and still designs and typesets it. World Tree also built the Society's website and continues to maintain it. Trevor has been a member of the Society's Council since 1996.

Norfolk Museums & Archaeology
We lead many archaeological guided walks, in particular for Cromer Museum.

Typesetting and book design for one of the UK's leading archaeological contractors.

Suffolk Institute of Archaeology &
The Institute's website was built by World Tree.

Sylvanus Archaeological, Natural History and Illustration
The multi-talented Julie Curl has helped us enormously on a series of interpretation projects – not only as an archaeological reconstruction illustrator but also as a natural history consultant.

University of East Anglia –
Imogen and Trevor both participated in The Art of Faith project, co-ordinated by the School of Art History and World Art Studies during 2009–10. We undertook digital graphics and cartography work as well as exhibiting our own work and contributing to the project monograph!

Archaeology and history

Just a few of the sites we like, or which we use frequently.

Cornish Ancient Sites Protection

Cornish Mining World Heritage


English Heritage Heritage Gateway –

The Modern

Neolithic Studies Group –

The Norfolk Churches

Norfolk Heritage Explorer
Interactive mapping of nearly all Norfolk's recorded sites and monuments. Not to be missed!

Norfolk Historic
Online portal for tithe maps, enclosure maps, historic air photographs.

Portable Antiquities Scheme
Useful information about many prehistoric sites in Britain, especially for visitors.

Technical links and resources

Drupal; LinuxMint; LinuxWe love free and open-source software. We love Linux. We would like to credit and acknowledge some great resources and products we use every day.

Drupal open source Content Management System –
The learning curve is steep, but it's worth it.

The innovative Drupal 'distribution' on which this website is based.

Linux Mint
We've run Linux on all our computers for many years. It's free, secure, endlessly configurable ... do you really need Windows? The world of different Linux 'distributions' can seem confusing at first, but Linux Mint is superb and a good choice for anyone starting out.
Do you really need to pay for Microsoft Office? Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Do you really need to pay for Photoshop? Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Excellent free, open source audio editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Open source website analytics. A fantastic alternative to Google Analytics ... and one that remains fully under your own management and control!