Snettisham Heritage exhibition now open

3 May 2013 saw the official opening of the Snettisham Heritage exhibition in St Mary's Church, Snettisham. Imogen and Trevor created a series of seven permanent display panels in the church - one of Norfolk's finest. The exhibition may prove a starting point for other interpretation and display work in and around the church.

As well as introducing visitors to the church itself, our aim has been to provide information about the surrounding landscape, and to remind people that even in medieval times Snettisham was already an ancient place. There are abundant Roman remains but the most remarkable finds date to the Iron Age. With its remarkable hoards of precious metalwork – now key exhibits in the British Museum – Snettisham is one of the most significant later prehistoric sites in Europe. Among other things, the exhibition describes the torcs and other metalwork finds and considers the various reasons why they might have been buried here in the first century BC.

Snettisham Heritage logoYou can download a copy of the panels here (NB this PDF file is c. 11 Mb).

This has been a very rewarding project. We are grateful to the Snettisham Heritage Committee and to Snettisham PCC but also to many collaborators. These include staff of the British Museum and of Norfolk County Council's Historic Environment Section, as well as artist and archaeologist Julie Curl ( who created many archaeological reconstruction and wildlife illustrations specially.

Snettisham church sunset
St Mary's, Snettisham
medieval face
Iron Age mother
Eceni girl
Snettisham panel
panels installed
Snettisham Heritage opening