Fiddler's Hill interpretation panel installed

Imogen and Trevor have now installed the interpretation panel at the Fiddler's Hill burial mound at Warham, north Norfolk. The panel was created for the Norfolk Archaeological Trust with funding from English Heritage and Norfolk County Council.

The panel describes the prehistoric mound and suggests how it might have grown over centuries of burial. As well as a cross-section diagram of a typical barrow, it includes a reconstruction illustration of a Bronze Age funeral specially created by Julie Curl. But the board also describes the site's more recent history. It also recounts the dark legend that gave Fiddler's Hill its name ...

To view the panel in PDF format, click here.

Fiddler's Hill will look beautiful over the next few weeks as the hawthorn and apple blossom come out. Pay a visit when you are next in north Norfolk.

Fiddlers Hill panel
Barrow cross-section
Fiddler's Hill barrow in April 2012, before the panel was created.
Fiddler's Hill installation
Fiddler's Hill panel installed
Fiddler's Hill reconstruction
Fiddler's Hill blossom