Cromwell's Talking Head

Cromwell's Talking Head - a surreal dramatic monologue by Norfolk poet and performer Gareth Calway, with illustrations by Imogen - has been published by Diggers. The launch took place at Cromwell's House in Ely on 3 September. This was Cromwell's 'lucky day', which saw his great victories at Dunbar (1650) and Worcester (1651).

A terrified grave robber comes across the mummified head of England's greatest revolutionary - Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell's head proceeds to tell the intruder his life story. It is a tale of tyrannical kings, civil war and heads being chopped off. In Cromwell's case, this took place over two years after his death!

Imogen and Trevor were both heavily involved in this project. Imogen created a series of illustrations combining photography, text and collage. As well as reflecting the historical events in the narrative, these also evoke Cromwell's time more generally and his background in the East Anglian fens. Trevor contributed a short preface, asking a simple question - why are we all still talking and arguing about Cromwell, so much over 300 years after his death?

Copies of Cromwell's Talking Head can be ordered from Gareth Calway's website (price £7.50 plus postage and packing).

Old Noll and Charlie Wagg
Crown and Crows
Cromwell's Oak
Tyburn Tree